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This page decribes the goal of the AphanoDB web site and the strategies chosen to study Aphanomyces biology.


This page decribes the technics and tools used to create the AphanoDB web site from cDNA libraries.

Sequences statistics

Here you can have some data on the libraries components before and after assembling.


Find a gene sequence and its annotation by using Gene ID (Ae_XXXXX), access number (CUXXXXX) or clone name (NXXXXXXX.SCF) the given result allows you to get more details on the predicted function and to get also the clean nucleic sequence. For exemple Gene ID : Ae_2AL7394 or Access number CU364517 or clone name NX0AINT17YF13CM1.SCF

Function & Domain

In this page you can search on the database by using functional domain terms or ID from PFAM database and InterPro database (exemple : 'PF00270', 'IPR011545' , 'phenol' or 'phen'. The given result contains a list with all the different matches. For each of them the number of gene containing this domain is provided. You can also search Aphanomyces genes by using BLASTx result (for exemple Genbank annotation : 'inhibitor' or Organism : 'Plasmodium' or 'Plasm').

Gene Ontology

With this page, you can travel througth the Gene Ontology tree. You can display sequence from Gene ontology terms and number. Hierarchical browsing of the matching ontologies is allowed by clicking on the bars representing the three main GO categories (molecular function, biological process and cellular component). From here you can access all the sub-categories in a parent-to-child hierarchical way.


You can find nucleotide repeat in all EST. The type of the repeat pattern and the size have to be specified.

Expression profile

Statistic analysis (Susko's test) performed with Aphanomyces euteiches ESTs enable to identify gene differentially expressed during plant interaction. You can select this gene by a tested condition and a p value cutoff. Only significant differential expression (p value < B-H cutoff ) is shown.


Here you can use BLAST algorithm on the Aphanomyces genes database.


With this page, your can download Aphanomyces euteiches EST and genes in FASTA format.

Contact us

With this page we provide the mail list of our team member with their speciality or work fields.