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Proteomic studies on Arabidopsis thaliana

Differential extraction and protein sequencing reveals major differences in patterns of primary cell wall proteins from plants.
D Robertson, GP Mitchell, JS Gilroy, C Gerrish, GP Bolwell and AR Slabas
J. Biol. Chem., 272: 15841-15848, 1997. Full text

Proteomic analysis of the Arabidopsis thaliana cell wall.
S Chivasa, BK Ndimba, WJ Simon, D Robertson, X-L Yu, JP Knox, P Bolwell and AR Slabas
Electrophoresis, 23: 1754-1765, 2002. Abstract

Proteomics of loosely bound cell wall proteins of Arabidopsis thaliana cell suspension cultures: A critical analysis.
G Borderies, E Jamet, C Lafitte, M Rossignol, A Jauneau, G Boudart, B Monsarrat, M-T Esquerré-Tugayé, A Boudet and R Pont-Lezica
Electrophoresis, 24:3421-3432, 2003. Full text

Identification of glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored proteins in Arabidopsis. A proteomic and genomic analysis.
GH Borner, KS Lilley, TJ Stevens and P Dupree
Plant Physiol., 132: 568-577, 2003. Full text

The assessment of enriched apoplastic extracts using proteomic approaches.
RP Haslam, AL Downie, M Raventon, K Gallardo, D Job, KE Pallett, P John, MAJ Parry and JOD Coleman
Ann. Appl. Biol., 143: 81-91, 2003. Full text

Proteomic analysis of glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored membrane proteins.
F Elortza F, TS Nühse, LJ Foster, A Stensballe, SC Peck and ON Jensen
Mol. Cell. Proteomics, 2: 1261-1270, 2003. Full text

Post-translational modifications of arabinogalactan-peptides of Arabidopsis thaliana. Endoplasmic reticulum and glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchor signal cleavage sites and hydroxylation of proline.
CJ Schultz, KL Ferguson, J Lahnstein and A Bacic
J. Biol. Chem., 279: 45503-45511, 2004. Full text

Cell wall proteins in apoplastic fluids of Arabidopsis thaliana rosettes: Identification by mass spectrometry and bioinformatics.
G Boudart, E Jamet, M Rossignol, C Lafitte, G Borderies, A Jauneau, M-T Esquerré-Tugayé and R Pont-Lezica
Proteomics, 5: 212-221, 2005. Full text

Proteomic analysis of secreted proteins from Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings: improved recovery following removal of phenolic compounds.
S Charmont, E Jamet, R Pont-Lezica and H Canut
Phytochemistry, 66: 453-461, 2005. Full text

A proteomic approach to apoplastic proteins involved in cell wall regeneration in protoplasts of Arabidopsis suspension-cultured cells.
H-K Kwon, R Yokoyama and K Nishitani
Plant Cell Physiol., 46: 843-857, 2005. Full text

Secretome analysis reveals an Arabidopsis lipase involved in defense against Alternaria brassicicola.
IS Oh, AR Park, MS Bae, SJ Kwon, YS Kim, JE Lee, NY Kang, S Lee, H Cheong and OK Park
Plant Cell, 17: 2832-2847, 2005. Full text

Extracellular proteomes of Arabidopsis thaliana and Brassica napus roots: analysis and comparison by MUdPIT and LC-MS/MS.
U Basu, JL Francis, RW Whittal, JL Stephens, Y Wang, OR Zaiane, R Goebel, DG Muench, AG Good and GJ Taylor
Plant Soil, 286: 357-376, 2006. Full text

Arabidopsis cell wall proteome defined using multidimensional protein identification technology.
EM Bayer, AR Bottrill, J Walshaw, M Vigouroux, MJ Naldrrett, CL Thomas and AJ Maule
Proteomics, 6: 301-311, 2006. Full text

Evaluation of cell wall preparations for proteomics: a new procedure for purifying cell walls from Arabidopsis hypocotyls.
L Feiz, M Irshad, RF Pont-Lezica, H Canut and E Jamet
Plant Methods, 2: 10, 2006. Full text

Modification-specific proteomics of plasma membrane proteins: Identification and characterization of glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored proteins released upon phospholipase D treatment.
F Elortza, S Mohammad, J Bunkenborg, L Foster, TS Nühse, U Brodbeck, SC Peck and ON Jensen
J. Proteome Res., 5: 935-943, 2006. Full text

A sub-proteome of Arabidopsis thaliana trapped on Concanavalin A is enriched in cell wall glycoside hydrolases.
Z Minic, E Jamet, L Negroni, PA der Garabedian, M Zivy and L Jouanin
J. Exp. Bot., 58: 2503-2512, 2007. Full text

Proteomic analysis of alterations in the secretome of Arabidopsis thaliana suspension cells subjected to nutritional phosphate deficiency.
HT Tran and WC Plaxton
Proteomics, 8: 4317-4326, 2008. Full text

A new picture of cell wall protein dynamics in elongating cells of Arabidopsis thaliana : confirmed actors and newcomers.
M Irshad, H Canut, G Borderies, R Pont-Lezica and E Jamet
BMC Plant Biol., 8: 94, 2008. Full text

Absolute protein quantification by LC/MS for global analysis of salicylic acid-induced plant protein secretion responses.
F-Y Cheng, K Blackburn, Y-M Lin, MB Goshe and JD Wiliamson
J. Proteome Res., 8: 82-93, 2009. Full text

Plant cell wall proteomics: mass spectrometry data, a trove for research on protein structure/function relationships.
C Albenne, H Canut, G Boudart, Y Zhang, H San Clemente, R Pont-Lezica and E Jamet
Mol. Plant, 2: 977-989, 2009. Full text

Identification by 2-D DIGE of apoplastic proteins regulated by oligogalacturonides in Arabidopsis thaliana.
M Casasoli, S Spadoni, KS Lilley, F Cervone, G De Lorenzo and B Mattei
Proteomics, 8: 1042-1054, 2008. Full text

Combining various strategies to increase the coverage of the plant cell wall glycoproteome.
Y Zhang, A Giboulot, M Zivy, B Valot, E Jamet and C Albenne
Phytochemistry, 72: 1109-1123, 2011. Full text

N-glycan occupancy of Arabidopsis N-glycoproteins.
W Song, RA Mentink, MGL Henquet, JHG Cordewener, ADJ van Dijk, D Bosch, AHP America, AR van der Krol
J. Proteomics, 93: 343-355, 2013. Full text

Identification of the abundant hydroxyproline-rich glycoproteins in the root walls of wild-type Arabidopsis, an ext3 mutant line, and its phenotypic revertant
Y Chen, D Ye, MA, Held, MC Cannon, T Ray, P Saha, AN Frye, AJ Mort and MJ Kieliszewski
Plants, 4: 85-111, 2015. Full text

Proteome readjustments in the apoplastic space of Arabidopsis thaliana ggt1 mutant leaves exposed to UV-B radiation
AR Trentin, M Pivato, SMM Mehdi, LE Barnabas, S Giaretta, M Fabrega-Prats, D Prasad, G Arrigoni and A Masi
Front. Plant Sci, 6: 128, 2015. Full text

Ascorbate deficiency influences the leaf cell wall glycoproteome in Arabidopsis thaliana
N Sultana, HV Florance, A Johns and N Smirnoff
Plant Cell Environ., 38: 375-384, 2015. Full text

Arabidopsis thaliana root cell wall proteomics: increasing the proteome coverage using a combinatorial peptide ligand library and description of unexpected Hyp in peroxidase amino acid sequences.
H Nguyen-Kim, H San Clemente, T Balliau, M Zivy, C Dunand, C Albenne and E Jamet
Proteomics, 16: 491-503, 2016. Full text

An enlarged cell wall proteome of Arabidopsis thaliana rosettes
V Hervé, H Duruflé, H San Clemente, C Albenne, T Balliau, M Zivy, C Dunand and E Jamet
Proteomics, 16: 3183-3187, 2016. Full text

N-Glycopeptide profiling in Arabidopsis inflorescence
S-L Xu, KM Medzihradszky, Z-Y Wang, AL Burlingame and RJ Chalkley
Mol Cell Proteomics, 15: 2048-2054, 2016. Full text

Cell wall proteome analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana mature stems
H Duruflé, H San Clemente, T Balliau, M Zivy, C Dunand and E Jamet
Proteomics, DOI: 10.1002/pmic.201600449, 2017. Full text

Cell wall adaptation of two contrasted ecotypes of Arabidopsis thaliana, Col and Sha, to sub-optimal growth conditions: an integrative study
H Duruflé, V Hervé, P Ranocha, T Balliau, M Zivy, J Chourré, H San Clemente, V Burlat, C Albenne, S Déjean, E Jamet and C Dunand
Plant Sci., 263: 183-193, 2017. Full text

Identification and characterization of Arabidopsis seed coat mucilage proteins
AYL Tsai, T Kunieda, J Rogalski, LJ Foster, BE Ellis and GH Haughn
Plant Physiol., 173: 1059-1074, 2017. Full text

Transcriptomic and cell wall proteomic datasets of rosettes and floral stems from five Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes grown at sub-optimal temperature.
Duruflé H, Ranocha P, Balliau T, Zivy M, Dunand C, and E Jamet
Data Brief, 27, 104581, 2019. Full text

Pollen coat proteomes of Arabidopsis thaliana, Arabidopsis lyrata, and Brassica oleracea reveal remarkable diversity of small cysteine-rich proteins at the pollen-stigma interface.
L Wang, Y-L Lau, L Fan, M Bosch and J Doughty
Biomolecules, 13, 157, 2023. Full text

Proteomic studies on monocot plants

Systematic secretome analyses of rice leaf and seed callus suspension-cultured cells: Workflow development and establishment of high-density two-dimensional gel reference maps.
Y-H Jung, S-H Jeong, SH Kim, R Singh, J-E Lee, Y-S Cho, GK Agrawal, R Rakwal and N-S Jwa
J. Proteome Res., 7: 5187-5210, 2008. Full text

Proteomics of weakly bound cell wall proteins in rice calli.
XY Chen, ST Kim, WK Cho, Y Rim, S Kim, SW Kim, KY Kang, ZY Park and JY Kim
J. Plant Physiol., 166: 675-685, 2009. Full text

The proteomic analysis of the secretome of rice calli.
WK Cho, XY Chen, H Chu, Y Rim, S Kim, ST Kim, S-W Kim, Z-Y Park and J-Y Kim
Physiol. Plant., 135: 331-341, 2009. Full text

Comparative proteomics analysis of the root apoplasts of rice seedlings in response to hydrogen peroxide.
L Zhou, SA Bokhari, CJ Dong and JY Liu
PLoS ONE, 6: e16723, 2011. Full text

Brachypodium distachyon as a model plant towards improved biofuel crops:
Search for secreted proteins involved in biogenesis and disassembly of cell wall polymers.

T Douché, H San Clemente,V Burlat, D Roujol, M Zivy, B Valot, R Pont-Lezica and E Jamet
Proteomics, 13: 2438-2454, 2013. Full text

Cell wall proteomics of sugarcane cell suspension cultures
MJ Calderan-Rodrigues, E Jamet, MB Calderan Rodrigues Bonassi, S Guidetti-Gonzalez, A Carmanhanis Begossi, L Vaz Setem, LM Franceschini, J Guimaraes Fonseca and CA Labate
Proteomics, 14: 738-749, 2014. Full text

Cell wall proteomic of Brachypodium distachyon grains: A focus on cell wall remodeling proteins
M Francin-Allami, K Merah, C Albenne, H Rogniaux,M Pavlovic, V Lollier, R Sibout, F Guillon, E Jamet and C Larré
Proteomics, 15: 2296-2306, 2015. Full text

N-linked glycoproteome profiling of seedling leaf in Brachypodium distachyon L.
M Zhang, G Chen, D Lv, X Li and Y Yan
J Proteome Res, 14: 1727-1738, 2015. Full text

Cell wall proteome of sugarcane stems: comparison of a destructive and a non-destructive extraction method showed differences in glycoside hydrolases and peroxidases
MJ Calderan-Rodrigues, E Jamet, T Douche, MB Rodrigues-Bonassi, T Regiani Cataldi, J Fonseca Guimarães, H San Clemente, R Pont-Lezica and CA Labate
BMC Plant Biol., 16: 14, 2016. Full text

Understanding the remodelling of cell walls during Brachypodium distachyon grain development through a sub-cellular quantitative proteomic approach
M Francin-Allami, V Lollier, M Pavlovic, H San Clemente, H Rogniaux, E Jamet, F Guillon and C Larré
Proteomes, 4: 21, 2016. Full text

Cell wall proteome of sugarcane young and mature leaves and stems
JG Fonseca, MJ Calderan-Rodrigues, FE de Moraes, TR Cataldi, E Jamet and CA Labate
Proteomics, 18: 1700129, 2018. Full text

Cell wall proteome investigation of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) developing grain in endosperm and outer layers.
M Cherkaoui, A Geairon, V Lollier, H San Clemente, C Larré, H Rogniaux, E Jamet, F Guillon and M Francin-Allami M
Proteomics, 18: 180086, 2018. Abstract

Cell wall proteome of wheat grain endosperm and outer layers at two key stages of early development.
Cherkaoui M, Lollier V, Geairon A, Bouder A, Larré C, Rogniaux H, E Jamet, F Guillon and M Francin-Allami
Int J Mol Sci, 21,239, 2020. Full text

Cell wall proteomic datasets of stems and leaves of Brachypodium distachyon.
T Douché, B Valot, T Balliau, M Zivy, H San Clemente and E Jamet
Data Brief, 35: 106818, 2021. Full text

Changes in the cell wall proteome of leaves in response to high temperature stress in Brachypodium distachyon
A Pinski, A Betekhtin, B Skupien-Rabian, U Jankowska, E Jamet and R Hasterok
Int J Mol Sci 22: 6750,2021 Full text

Proteomic studies on other plants

Apoplast proteome reveals that extracellular matrix contributes to multistress response in poplar.
O Pechanova, C-Y Hsu, JP Adams, T Pechan, L Vandervelde, J Drnevich, S Jawdy, A adeli, JC Suttle, AM Lawrence TJ Tschaplinski, A Seguin and C Yuceer
BMC Genomics, 11: 674, 2010. Full text

Mining the surface proteome of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) fruit for proteins associated with cuticle biogenesis.
TH Yeats, KJ Howe, AJ Matas, GJ Buda, TW Thannhauser and JKC Rose
J Exp Bot, 61: 3759-3771, 2010. Full text

Towards characterization of the glycoproteome of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) fruit using Concanavalin A lectin affinity chromatography and LC-MALDI-MS/MS analysis.
C Catala, KJ Howe, S Hicko, JKC Rose and TW Thannhauser
Proteomics, 11: 1530-1544, 2011. Full text

Protein profiling in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) leaf tissues by differential centrifugation.
S Lim, K Chisholm, RH Coffin, RD Peters, KI Al-Mughrabi, G Wang-Pruski and DM Pinto
J Proteome Res, 11: 2594-2601, 2012. Full text

Proteomic analysis of cell walls of two developmental stages of alfalfa stems
JC Verdonk, RD Hatfield and ML Sullivan
Front Plant Sci, 3 : 279, 2012. Full text

Identification of cell wall proteins in the flax (Linum usitatissimum) stem.
A Day, S FĂ©nart, G Neutelings, S Hawkins, C Rolando and C Tokarski
Proteomics, 13: 812-825, 2013. Full text

Glycoproteome of elongating cotton fiber cells.
S Kumar, K Kumar, P Pandey, V Rajamani, KV Padmalatha, G Dhandapani, M Kanakachari, S Leelavathi, PA Kumar and VS Reddy
Mol Cell Proteomics, 12: 3677-3689, 2013. Full text

A proteomic approach to Physcomitrella patens rhizoid exudates
T Martinez-Cortés, F Pomar, F Merino and E Novo-Uzal
J Plant Physiol, 171: 1671-1678, 2014. Full text

Proteomics and transcriptomics of the BABA-induced resistance response in potato using a novel functional annotation approach
T Bengtsson, D Weighill, F Levander, S Resjö, DDBurra, LI Moushib, PE Hedley, E Liljeroth, D Jacobson and E Alexandersson
BMC Genomics, 15: 315, 2014. Full text

An improved protocol to study the plant cell wall proteome
B Printz, R Dos Santos Morais, S Wienkoop, K Sergeant, S Lutts, JF Hausman and J Renaut
Front Plant Sci, 6 : 237, 2015. Full text

Comparative N-glycoproteome analysis provides novel inside into the regulation mechanism in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) during fruit ripening process.
X Zhang, H Tang, H Du, Z Liu, Z Bao and Q Shi
Plant Sci., 293: 110413, 2020. Full text

Investigation of cell wall proteins of C. sinensis leaves by combining cell wall proteomics and N-glycoproteomics
Y Liu, L Ma, D Cao, Z Gong, J Fan, H Hu and X Jin
BMC Plant Biol, 21: 384, 2021. Full text

The cell wall proteome of Marchantia polymorpha reveals specificities compared to those of flowering plants
H Kolkas, T Balliau, J Chourré, M Zivy, H Canut and E Jamet
Front Plant Sci , 12: 765846, 2022. Full text

Xylem sap proteomes

Analysis of xylem sap proteins from Brassica napus.
J Kehr, A Buhtz and P Giavalisco
BMC Plant Biol., 5, 11, 2005. Full text

Defence reactions in the apoplastic proteome of oilseed rape (Brassica napus var. napus) attenuate Verticillium longisporum growth but not disease symptoms.
S Floerl, C Druebert, A Majcherczyk, P Karlovsky, U Kües and A Polle
BMC Plant Biol., 8, 129, 2008. Full text

Proteomic analysis of hybrid poplar xylem sap.
NJ Dafoe and P Constabel
Phytochemistry, 70: 856-863, 2009. Full text

Analysis of the xylem sap proteome of Brassica oleracea reveals a high content in secreted proteins.
L Ligat, E Lauber, C Albenne, H San Clemente, B Valot, M Zivy, R Pont-Lezica, M Arlat and E Jamet
Proteomics, 11: 1798-1813, 2011. Full text

Xylem sap proteomics.
T Dugé de Bernonville, C Albenne, M Arlat, L Hoffmann, E Lauber and E Jamet
Methods Mol Biol, 1072: 391-405, 2014. Abstract

Xylem sap in cotton contains proteins that contribute to environmental stress responsae and cell wall development.
Z Zhang, W Xin, S Wang, X Zhang, H dai, R Sun, T Frazier, B Zhang and Q Wang
Funct Integr Genomics, 15: 17-26, 2015. Abstract

Reviews on plant cell wall proteomics

Digging deeper into the plant cell wall proteome.
SJ Lee, RS Saravanan, CM Damasceno, H Yamane, BD Kim and JK Rose
Plant Physiol. Biochem., 42: 979-988, 2004. Full text

Tackling the plant proteome: practical approaches, hurdles, and experimental tools.
JKC Rose, S Bashir, JJ Giovannoni, MM Jahn and RS Saravanan
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The plot thickens: New perspectives of primary cell wall modification.
JK Rose, M Saladié and C Catalá
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Proteomic analysis of the Arabidopsis cell wall reveals unexpected proteins with new cellular locations.
AR Slabas, B Ndimba, WJ Simon and S Chivasa
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Cell wall proteins: a new insight through proteomics.
E Jamet, H Canut, G Boudart and RF Pont-Lezica
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Cell wall proteome.
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Cell wall.
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C Albenne, H Canut and E Jamet
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C Krause, S Richter, C Knöll and G Jürgens
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Plant cell wall proteins: a large body of data, but what about runaways?
C Albenne, H Canut, L Hoffmann and E Jamet
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Post-translational modifications of plant cell wall proteins and peptides: A survey from a proteomics point of view.
H Canut H, C Albenne C and E Jamet
Biochim. Biophys. Acta., 1864: 983-990,2016 Full text

Plant fluid proteomics: Delving into the xylem sap, phloem sap and apoplastic fluid proteomes.
J Rodríguez-Celma, L Ceballos-Laita, MA Grusak, J Abadí and AF López-Millán
Biochim. Biophys. Acta., 1864: 991-1002,2016 Full text

Unconventional protein secretion in plants: a critical assessment.
DG Robinson, Y Ding and L Jiang
Protoplasma, 253: 31-43,2016 Abstract

Cell wall proteomics as a means to identify target genes to improve second generation biofuel production
MJ Calderan-Rodrigues, JG Fonseca, CA Labate and E Jamet
In Frontiers in Bioenergy and Biofuels (E Jacob-Lopes and L Queiroz Zepka ed), InTech Open access Publisher, Croatia, pp 5-24. Full text

Extraction and characterization of extracellular proteins and their post-translational modifications from Arabidopsis thaliana suspension cell cultures and seedlings: a critical review.
M Ghahremani, A Kyla and W Plaxton
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Protein dynamics in the plant extracellular space.
L Guerra-Guimarães, C Pinheiro, I Chaves, DR Barros and CP Ricardo
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Isolation of the cell wall
H Canut, C Albenne and E Jamet
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Plant lectins and lectin receptor-like kinases : How do they sense the outside?
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Plant cell wall proteomics as a strategy to reveal candidate proteins involved in extracellular lipid metabolism
A Jacq, V Burlat and E Jamet
Curr. Protein Pept. Sci. 19: 190-199,2018 Abstract

Plant cell wall proteomics: A focus on monocot species, Brachypodium distachyon, Saccharum spp and Oryza sativa
MJ Calderan-Rodrigues, JG Fonseca, FE de Moraes, LV Setem, AC Begossi, TR Cataldi and CA Labate
Int J Mol Sci 20: 1975,2019 Full text

Plant cell wall proteomes: the core of conserved protein families and the case of non-canonical proteins
H San Clemente, H Kolkas, H Canut and E Jamet
Int J Mol Sci 23: 4273,2022 Full text

Databases and Bioinformatics

The Cell Wall Navigator database. A systems-based approach to organism-unrestricted mining of protein families involved in cell wall metabolism.
T Girke, J Lauricha, H Tran, K Keegstra and N Raikhel
Plant Physiol, 136: 3003-3008, 2004. Full text

PPDB, the Plant Proteomics Database at Cornell.
Q Sun, B Zybailov, W Majeran, G Friso, P Olinares and K van Wijk
Nucleic Acids Res, 37(Database issue): D969-D974, 2008. Full text

Bioinformatics as a tool for assessing the quality of sub-cellular proteomic strategies and inferring functions of proteins: plant cell wall proteomics as a test case.
H San Clemente, R Pont-Lezica and E Jamet
Bioinform. Biol. Insights, 3: 15-28, 2009. Full text

SUBA3: a database for integrating experimentation and prediction to define the SUBcellular location of proteins in Arabidopsis.
S Tanz, I Castelden, C Hooper, M Vacher, I Small and H Millar
Nucleic Acids Res, 41(Database issue): D1185-D1191, 2013. Full text

Subcellular locations of potential cell wall proteins in plants: predictors, databases and cross-referencing
X Wu, Q Zhang, Z Wu, F Tai and W Wang
Brief. Bioinform., 1: 11, 2017 Full text


Plant cell wall functional genomics: Novelties from proteomics.
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Analysis of the xylem sap proteome of Brassica oleracea reveals a high content in secreted proteins.
L Ligat, E Lauber, C Albenne, H San Clemente, B Valot, M Zivy, R Pont-Lezica, M Arlat and E Jamet
Proteomics, 11: 1798-1813, 2011. Full text

WallProtDB, a database resource for plant cell wall proteomics.
H San Clemente and E Jamet
Plant Methods, 11: 2, 2015. Full text

Comparison of mass spectrometry data and bioinformatics predictions to assess the bona fide localization of proteins identified in cell wall proteomics studies
A Pinski, D Roujol, C Pouzet, L Bordes, H San Clemente, L Hoffmann and E Jamet
Plant. Sci., 310: 110979, 2021. Full text