A maize cell wall database

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4-5 leaf stageRoots        download data (tabulated text)
 Young stem        download data (tabulated text)
 Leaves        download data (tabulated text)
Silking stageInternode 6        download data (tabulated text)
 Internode 1        download data (tabulated text)

Hierarchical gene clustering
Hierarchical gene clustering data may be exploited in two ways. The first is by analyzing manually the clusterized text file with the corresponding image below that was generated with HIERARCHICAL CLUSTERING EXPLORER 3.0 software. Expression data were transformed from normalized values of intensity to percentage of expression by dividing the values for each gene in one organ by its maximal expression highlighted between the five studied organs. We used the complete linkage method using Pearson correlation coefficient as the similarity metric. A dendrogram and a clustering result file were exported.

The second consists of using our dataset and by performing your own HCE analysis (